Learn everything you need to know about the sensor detail page in RmoniWeb.

Sensor detail page

The RmoniWeb platform has several menu-items that are dedicated to our temperature monitoring functionality. Navigate to Sensors and then Sensor overview and expand the overview. Select Details to view the details of a sensor. 

There are several options in the sensor detail page:

  • General information
    At the top of the screen some KPI's are shown. The data based on the current date view is shown. If the date range is changed, the KPI's will change as well. The following KPI's are shown:
    • Average measurement
    • Highest measurement
    • Lowest measurement
    • Total number of alarms

  • Date range
    Users are able the select the date and time range. Both the graph and the KPI's will change accordingly.

  • Graph
    The graph shows all measured data. Select certain parts of the graph to zoom in on the select part. Users can use one of the navigation options at the top right of the graph as well. There are the following options:
    • Plus icon: Zoom in on the graph.
    • Minus icon: Zoom out on the graph.
    • Magnifying glass icon: Switch to zoom mode. Zoom in on a specific part of the graph.
    • Hand icon: Switch to drag mode. Drag the graph to one of the sides to change the view.
    • Home icon: Reset to the standard view based on the selected date range.

  • Export to Excel
    Export the raw data of the selected date range to Excel. Both the date and all measurements are shown in the Excel file.