Learn everything you need to know about adding, editing or deleting calibration reports in RmoniWeb.

Calibration reports

Navigate to Calibrations. There are two main functionalities in the Calibrations page: 

  1. Add new calibration reports
  2. Manage calibration reports

1. Add new calibration reports

  • Add a new calibration report by clicking on Add calibration report at the top right of the screen. Enter all necessary information:
    1. Title
    2. Type of measuring instrument
    3. Serial number
    4. Date range
    5. Organizational unit
    6. File (Only PDF-files are allowed)

  • Calibration reports are not shown in the App and only available on the web platform.

2. Actions per document 

  • There are several actions while clicking on Actions per calibration report:
    1. Download – Download the calibration report
    2. Edit – Edit the title, type of measuring instrument, serial number, date range, organizational unit and/or the file.
    3. Delete – Delete the calibration report