This quick start guide helps installing the Rmoni sensors. This is done in 5 easy steps.

  1. Test connectivity of the Gateway Insert the ethernet cable into the gateway and in a free port on your switch. Power the gateway with the 12Volt adapter. The orange LEDnext to the network connector should remain lit.

    The green LED on the front lid must be lit continuously to indicate that there is a connection to the server. This can take up to 2 minutes.

  2. (Optional) Install routers
    Unpack the router(s) and connect the 12 V adapter to an outlet. Choose locations that make sense: in the production area and near the freezer and refrigerator. The blue LED should be lit full, with a green LED that flashes once a second. This indicates a successful wireless connection to the gateway.

  3. Activate the Rmono's
    Unpack the RMONO sensor boxes and place them on a table close to the gateway. They'll probably be in shipping mode. Activate the RMONO by tapping them with a whiteboard magnet on the left. The green and blue LED will light up and flash a few times to indicate that the RMONO is awake and connected.

  4. Install the Rmono
    Attach the sensor box in the fridge or freezer. This can be done via double-sided tape or via a fast binder.
    • Option 1: Use the included dubbelsided tape: degrease the surface with the included VHB Surface cleaner. First warm the surface above 10 °C. Remove the protective layer and stick the 3M foam tape firmly.
    • Option 2: Alternatively, use the included quick binder.  Take the bracket off and place a single quick binder horizontally or vertically.

  5. Configure RmoniWeb
    Go online to Sign in with the username and password included in the package. Make sure all measurements are visible and all have the green 'online' indication. If this is not the case than try moving the Gateway towards the sensors, or add a Repeater.

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